Stancmetal has got complete tool shop for production of tools and machines. Tools are produced in our tool shop for many years, not only for our needs, but also for needs of our customers. With the help of adequate technology for metal treatment and great experience, we are able to respond to every request of our customers.

Tools produced so far are made for needs of electrical industry, tools for plastic injection molding, stamping tools, tools for tin processing, and many other areas. Before it’s produced and sent to a customer, each tool undergoes a process which requires preciseness, accuracy and knowledge. There is no place for any mistake to be made so that customers could get adequate service and use tools for their own purposes for a long time.

What makes us very proud is the multi-year cooperation with many satisfied customers who always come back.

    We offer machine processes as follows:
  • Grinding
  • CNC treatment
  • Eroding
  • Milling
  • Turning