About us

Stancmetal was founded in 1993 with location in Sevojno, as partnership company for connector production (pads, fastons) for automotive industry and household appliances. Tools for serial production were constructed thanks to clear vision and big effort of the company. During the 90s, we made cooperation with few large state-own companies, which is shown in references herewith.

After ten years of successful business, the company was pre-registered as limited liability company and extended its business scope by offering services and producing tools and stamping parts as per order. The production of machines for shaping and deformation of tubes is another activity within business activities of the company.

High efficiency in production and quality of products are owed to good organization and multi-year experience in electrical industry. It should be emphasized that we work exclusively with high quality raw materials. The usage of high quality brass and steel strips, as well as the adequate construction of tools, help our products to meet the requirements of DIN standard and stay competitive on the market. Open and close cooperation with our business partners is the most successful way of doing business.

As we use our products to make good electro contact, our motto supports the same idea: GOOD CONTACT!